Monday, May 14, 2012

The Swimming Expedition

May 14, 2012 Sarah wrote today about our Saturday swimming outing to Farmer's Beach.

   "We're going swimming!" the kids shout excitedly.  We pack a picnic lunch, towels, sunscreen and swimming clothes and head off to Farmers Beach.
     When we arrive everyone grabs their stuff and runs down to the beach.  There is a cold wind blowing off the lake and when Anna feels the icy water she shivers and says, "I am NOT going swimming in that water!"  In the end I convince her and we slowly wade deeper into the water.  Ruthie, who has just emerged from a good dunk splashes us with water and I chase after her teasingly.  Oops, bad idea - I trip and fall landing face first in the freezing water.  I gasp as my mouth fills with water then come to the surface again.  "Well, at least I got that over with," I say with a grin.
     Anna soon dives under coming to the surface spluttering.  We swim for a while but soon Anna gets an earache and heads in.  I stay in a little while longer until I feel like I might catch hypothermia.  Then I also go in and lay down on a dry towel.  The wind whips and I shiver uncontrollably.  I grab my yellow hoodie and soak in the sun.
     Later we have our picnic lunch of pasta salad, chips and cold apple juice.  Then we pack up and head for home.  What an exciting afternoon!  

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