Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fun with Turtles....

We found our first two turtles of the season.  The first is a nice sized painted turtle that we rescued on the highway near our home. It's new abode is a little turtle shaped sandbox that we used to make a home for it.  

It is still quite shy but I hope that over time it comes to look forward to the children's visits bringing it food.  So far we've fed it only lettuce, but we'll try some bits of raw meat and we also have turtle pellets left from pets we had last year.

Our second turtle is a tiny, just hatched painted turtle.  It still had it's egg tooth when we found it this morning on our driveway.  We have it in a tiny gold-fish aquarium. We surrounded a small plastic bowl with rocks and sand.  We filled the bowl with water and added a piece of driftwood for our little turtle to climb out on.  The book we read said to be sure that it's food was torn small enough to eat - you can see the little bits of lettuce in the aquarium.  Our turtle isn't sure he wants to live inside - he's still trying to get to the outside of the glass.  I hope he decides he likes it soon - we sure like him!  


  1. Cute! My kids would love pet turtles! Will you let them go later or try to keep them?

  2. We usually let them go when it gets late summer or early Fall. Although we might try to keep one small one over winter. My sister and her children successfully kept a small turtle for several years. Mary decided to let her largest turtle go and unfortunately two others escaped yesterday from the turtle pool where we were keeping them. The water wasn't very high so they must have managed to climb the plastic sides. Someone suggested a screen cover. At least we have one cute little one left, but he is inside in a safe covered turtle aquarium until we can make the outdoor pool escape-proof.

  3. I love turtles! Nice contrast in sizes, too!

  4. Aww they are cute! I had pet turtles when I was a kid to. I haven't seen any yet this year.