Saturday, May 12, 2012

First Swim of the Season

Farmer's Beach

It's really much to early for swimming in my opinion.  The dandelions have only been out for a couple weeks and the leaves are only half way budded out yet, but these are Minnesota grown kids - Northern Minnesota at that and they've been insisting that they needed to go swimming so today we packed a picnic lunch and headed to our favorite little township beach on Marquette Lake.  It's only about three miles from home so that makes it nice, too. 

 I was wearing a hoody and Rachael wrapped in a fleece blanket and Lizzy decided she was too old and wise for swimming in the Spring but the young ones put on swimming clothes and headed out into the frigid water.  "Do you think they'll get hypothermia?" Rachael asked, but I didn't think so, so they got to swim.
Anna and Sarah realized they were cold sooner than the other three who had to be called in to warm up in the sun.  John thought perhaps he had Pneumonia and he started to cry as he came up out of the water into the stiff breeze, but by the time he had dry clothes on and a plate of food, he was back to normal.

I hope this is just the first of many joyous summer outings.

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