Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tracks and Trails

 One of our married sons just had twins born prematurely and our recent days for school have been much interrupted here lately but Friday brought the relief of a day home with time to devote to learning together.  I woke to a world enveloped in frost. I knew right away that a nature walk would be our first priority.

We bundled up, grabbed the camera and headed out. 
John was first up the trail.
The Girls wanted to check out the frost first.
   Along the trail we noticed a track trail
heading off to the right.   
 As we entered the woods tracks were
everywhere. It would be a day
to note tracks.

A good closeup of the
rabbit tracks.
Note the rabbit trail
to the left.

We came upon several obvious deer trails....
Ruthie thought this might be a deer bed.
Our trail was dotted with tracks
Note the cloven hooves
in the deer prints.

As we came out of the woods into the field we could see the frost crystals everywhere.
Sarah Studies the frosted grass up close.

After warm days and cooler nights the frost crystals were spectacular!

Our path wound toward home and we noticed other trails leading off through the field.  I wonder where they go?  Maybe next time we'll follow and see where they lead....

But I want to get home now and record in our nature notebooks some of the wonders of the morning.  


  1. Awesome entry to the glad I was able to get the link so others can marvel at your icy world. Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks for the reminder of what winter looks like to someone living in sunny Carolina!

  3. What beautiful photography to capture God's work! I almost wish it would frost over so dramatically here so that we can check it out. I am a little bit of a baby though when it comes to cold so I am quite grateful for your post and photos (so I don't have to wish too hard for it to happen here *wink*).

  4. Splendid pictures. I love them!

  5. Lovely photos of frost ~ good for you for being spontaneous! :-)

  6. Thank you to each of you kind ladies for your sweet, encouraging comments. The LORD is so very good to reveal Himself, His character, His love for us through the beauty of nature. I feel blessed to have the space, time, the freedom and the wonderful children to revel in it! And of course Charlotte Mason's encouragement that this is part of education has freed me to see it as part of our learning (school) experience.

  7. Lovely, beautiful snow! We've had NONE year this year. Zilch, not even a flurry of a snowflake. :(

    I hope your grandbabies are doing well and getting big and strong already!