Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Flip Side of Progress....

The big drill to the right rotates in the hole and comes out full of dirt which is then spun off on the pile.  The large metal tube next to it was vibrated into the hole by a large vibrating weight on the white Terex (see photos at the bottom of the blog).  A highline manager, also watching from our driveway atop the hill, told us that the cage was to be part of the base that holds the pole.  There was  a long length of rebar behind the equipment that will line the hole before the cement is put in.  
A new power line is going through our area - going through the corner of our property actually.  We've all been saddened as the swath of trees has been cut out.  It doesn't look the same!!  Our six year old son ranted for some time the other day about how they didn't have any right to ruin the neighborhood like that!  The price of progress is high.  More or perhaps cheaper electricity for someone will be gained but miles of forest had to be cleared to run the line.  Today however he had the enjoyment of watching some of the big machines that make that progress possible and I think he enjoyed that more.  The power company had hauled in gravel to build a landing on our neighbor's hillside and moved several heavy pieces of equipment there in preparation for placing a corner pole where the line will briefly link into an existing line.  We spent an hour or more just watching them work before coming home to draw and write about what we had seen.  It reminds me that every cloud has a possibility of needed rain.  Every hard Monday has the possibility of building character in me and my children.  Every dark, disappointing experience can be a platform for me to see our powerful God at work if I will stop ranting and take a closer look.
This picture shows the whole boom.

 It only took a brief moment for this big machine to vibrate the metal tube into the ground.

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