Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Impromptu Creativity

We were pretty much done with our academics for the morning and lunch was still a few minutes off. I decided to read them another chapter of Just so Stories by Rudyard Kipling. I chose the story about the crab and the sea that explained tides. They had applied their minds well to the varied subjects we had covered.  Before school started I had been making a paper chain of  ten figures to demonstrate the religious demographics for Bangladesh
(8 1/2 figures brown for muslim, a little more than one figure in orange for the 12% Hindu and a yellow arm for the  less than 1% Buddhist and Christian).  Our 8 year old daughter was fascinated with how you could cut figures from an accordian folded piece of paper and get a whole string of little "people".  Since she had the construction paper out another girl started making a card for Grandma and another started a cutout picture of underwater creatures. And Anna stepped in to help John get the "door" to fit on the paper mail box he had started complete with a red flag attached by a brad.  It struck me how home schoolers have time and lots of creativity for these impromptu pursuits .  I feel blessed to know and love these particular creative people and to get to spend time with them daily.

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