Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Secrets of Heathersliegh Hall

I'm starting to think about books for Fall for my students.  I continue to follow Ambleside Online loosely, adding and substituting books we have or that I find and want to share with my children.  

I've just finished a series by Michael Phillips, Secrets of Heathersleigh Hall.  It is set in World War I which I knew next to nothing about before reading these books.  I'm planning to assign this series to Sarah this year as I think historical fiction is a great way to get a feel for other times and places and this is right where we are in our chronological study of history.  These books are also a great choice because of the depth of Biblical insight in challenging issues - women's rights, the Father heart of God and the atonement, forgiveness, obedience and suffering, as well as how wealth does not bring happiness rather fulfillment comes in learning to give and serve.  These concepts are beautifully spoken in story form by characters you've come to love and admire, so they are easy to take in and digest.  I'm looking forward to discussing these issues with her as she reads. 

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