Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Reading worthy books

I rejoice in the beauty of what my children are reading!  I remember in high school reading short stories about death, suicide and hopelessness and a novel about violent street gangs. I can only imagine what today's high schools include for literature! Yesterday my daughter was recounting to me the chapter she had read/listened to from Les Miseables, with the beautiful picture of  Jean Valjean seeing his moment of choice between a life of depraved hate and violence or a new life of goodness and love. I was inspired listening to her tell it, even though I haven't read this novel yet myself.  I love how Charlotte Mason's ideas encourage us to give our young people beautiful and worthy things to think about.  Recently my daughter has been reading Speak Love by Annie Downs. This isn't a school assignment but a book she chose on her own. I am blessed that she chooses and has time to read worthy books by Christian authors building her walk of faith even beyond what is assigned for school.  We use Ambleside Online loosely and so are introduced to many wonderful and inspiring books we would otherwise miss. Thank you to the ladies at Ambleside Online who have so generously shared of your time, wisdom and experience so the rest of us can benefit!  

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  1. I want to read Les Mis myself sometime. I may have to wait a few years and read it with the children...I don't know. :) That other title looks intriguing! I also use AO loosely and am so enjoying their selections! :)