Thursday, January 1, 2015

Common Redpoll

While we were working on our gingerbread houses a female Common Redpoll hit the dining room window and crashed to the snow below.  I noticed four or five at the feeder, some were males with the pink bib.  Ruthie went out to check on it.  The wing was splayed in an unnatural position but she gently picked it up and brought it in.  She said the little heart was still beating so we found a cage to set over a box so it wouldn't panic and fly around the house when it came out of it's stupor. 

When she came around we took the cage outside and lifted the cage off of the box to let her go.  She immediately flew off into the woods.  I hope they stay around at our feeders awhile.  So far we've had mostly chickadees and a nuthatch. 

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