Monday, December 29, 2014

Powerful Spiritual Themes in Chronicles of Narnia

My parents read aloud to us on a regular basis as I was growing up. Whenever we had a quiet evening at home, Mom or Dad would read aloud to us - they were both very good readers.  They read a wide variety of heart nourishing books to us.  The Chronicles of Narnia stand out as favorites.  I have shied away from this wonderful series of book for some years because of the magic content.  But picking it up and reading it aloud again to my children, I am realizing we have been missing a wonderful treasure trove of spiritual insight woven into powerful story form.  The deceitfulness of sin and the traitorous nature of our sinful independence and rebellion, the wonder and adequacy of Christ's sacrifice, redemption, and our relationship with Christ - his omnipotence touching us gently, all these are beautifully pictured in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  This is the first book as they were originally written and I am reading them in the order that they were originally presented, as that's how we read them when I was a child.  We're currently reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader which has a powerful picture of the pervasiveness of sin and self, how it separates us from those we would love and how impossible it is for us to free ourselves from it. Then this beautiful, moving, allegory presents the power of Christ to liberate and change us!  The writing is elementary, not complicated and wordy like Dickens, but the meanings and experiences are powerful and transforming.  We're all enjoying these books immensely, each taking away what we can on our own level.  I highly recommend it! 

 We found Prince Caspian on CD so I was able to knit while we listened. The version we listened to was read by Lynn Redgrave, who has a wonderful way of using appropriate voices for each character. 


  1. C. S. Lewis was a master of baptizing the heart and mind for Jesus! That is the deep magic. :-)

  2. The Narnia books are our family's absolute favorite! Having an audio book version is delightful, as we love to craft while we listen to these classic stories.