Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bug Collections

My friend Delight is the inspiration for our "bug collections" and ours will never look as professional as hers nor will we have as many species to display, but she has inspired me and our children to make our own displays.  She tells stories of going out nightly around the yardlight with her first two sons collecting various moths and she has wonderful display cases filled with their collections from those  years. 

Riker Mounts with Fiber-Fill (16It is fast becoming a tradition for our family to purchase bug nets for a dollar each in different colors for each of the children from the dollar store early in the Spring.  I recently purchased new display cases so the children can each make their own collection.  Following is a link to the site I ordered from: Wholesale Riker Mounts.  Shipping almost doubles the price but they were still the cheapest I found.  

Ruthie is adding tiny hand-written labels to her display.  In the past we've filled the display cases as a family project but the children are older now and I think it will be valuable for them to fill their own cases, deciding on layout themselves.


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