Monday, February 4, 2013

We've been playing lots of math games lately.  I recently ordered Family Math and have been enjoying some of the simple ideas in it.  Today we're going to be working Tangram puzzles.  I found a good printable one at the following link:  Tangram puzzle I'm printing ours on cardstock. If you look up Google Images - Tangram patterns or use this link: Tangram patterns there are lots of patterns to choose from for things to put together with your tangram shapes.

We've also been working on our multiplication with two different games.  One is a dice game - we shake two, multiply them then take that number of MathUSee rods.  They can only have one rod besides tens or hundreds so they have to add and trade in.  The second game uses a set of 12 dot dominoes.  As they place the matching domino they have to multiply the two sides (six dot dominoes would also work).

At the end of the school day I have also been letting them play 15 minutes of math games online.  We've been using games.

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