Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cherokee Strip - the Race For LandTwo books we've recently enjoyed reading aloud together are Cherokee Strip:  The Race for Land by Aileen Fisher and Nino.  You will perhaps recognize Aileen Fisher's name from All On a Mountain Day.
  She is a wonderful writer and this book has some good character lessons where the main character has to make a decision to do the right thing when it may cost her family something dear to them.  Nino is the story of a young Italian catholic boy and his daily life.  It includes harvesting olives, gathering firewood and other daily life as well as holidays and religious gatherings.  Good descriptions of life in another place and time.  At the end of the book Nino along with his mother and Grandfather prepare to move to America to live with his father.  I believe this book is based on the author, Valenti Angelo's own experiences as a child.  

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