Monday, September 24, 2012

Preserving Fall Leaves

Fall is here and the leaves are beautiful!!  We took the opportunity to pick colorful leaves and try to preserve a few.  We ironed some between sheets or waxed paper and dipped some in melted paraffin wax.  When they were dry we put them in a bowl on the table to enjoy for days to come.  Here are some pictures of the process and the product.

 We melted the paraffin wax in a disposable foil pan in a pan of water.  Then dipped each leaf in the melted wax before laying it on a thick paper to dry.


I let Ruth and John each arrange some of their un-waxed leaves on a piece of waxed paper then covered them with another piece of waxed paper and covered it with a towel and ironed it until the waxed paper melted and stuck together.  We taped them to a window. 

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